Cyber Architecture and Engineering

Cyber Architecture and Engineering empowers its clients to achieve their business goals with network and system integration projects that are efficient in design and operation, are delivered on time and to budget, and provide added value to the business operations as part of the assessment and design process.

We deliver secure mission-critical networks and systems that afford peace of mind, leaving organisations free to operate and manage their operations across a strong and secure network infrastructure.

Our Cyber Architecture and Engineering services are distilled into three core areas; technical architecture, implementation, and project management.

Because we are vendor neutral, we have the flexibility to work with every customer’s existing infrastructure and have knowledge covering the full vendor spectrum. This means we can recommend the right IT infrastructure for each project.

We have extensive capabilities and expertise across all types of security projects, including secure landline, secure mobile, secure news, secure email, secure email encryption, secure chat, secure storage, secure content vetting, secure calendar and secure site implementations.

With more conventional assignments, we have delivered the full breadth of projects, including private and hybrid cloud deployments, data centre and server room migrations, infrastructure refreshes and IT standardisation, model-office implementations, staff augmentation, desktop rollouts and upgrades, new infrastructure implementations, service transitions to DarkMatter Managed Services, storage, network, backup implementations and refreshes, and infrastructure consolidations.

We also provide a range of consulting services, including virtual, network, critical facilities and IT security assessments; and desktop, Office, Windows, and Exchange migrations.