Dr. Najwa Aaraj
Dr. Najwa Aaraj
Senior Vice President - Special Projects
12+ years experience in information and systems security

International Experience

  • USA, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Asia


  • Ph.D. with Highest Honors in Computer Engineering from Princeton University
  • Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Princeton University
  • B.Eng. in Computer and Communication Engineering from American University of Beirut

Employment History

  • Lead Senior Associate, Booz & Company, USA and Middle East
  • Research Staff Member, NEC Labs-Princeton University, NJ, USA
  • Research Staff Member, IBM T. J. Watson, NY, USA
  • Research Staff Member, Intel Corporation, Oregon, USA

Cyber Security - Related Experience

  • Patents: Optimizing performance of integrity monitoring; Patent number: 8949797
  • Analysis and design of a hardware/software trusted platform module (TPM) for embedded systems
  • Energy and execution time analysis of a software-based trusted platform module (TPM)
  • INVISIOS: A Lightweight, Minimally Intrusive Secure Execution Environment
  • A framework for defending embedded systems against software attacks
  • Dynamic Binary Instrumentation-Based Framework for Malware Defense
  • Hybrid Arch. for Efficient and Secure Face Authentication in Embedded Systems
  • Architectures for efficient face authentication in embedded systems
  • Neighbor stranger discrimination: a new defense mechanism against DDOS attacks


  • Recipient of Wu Prize for Research Excellence, Princeton University
  • Princeton Commendation List for Outstanding Teaching
  • Recipient of Princeton University Fellowship
  • Recipient of National Mathematics - Mathematics Baccalaureate