Scott Rea
Scott Rea
Senior Vice President - Public Key Infrastructure
20+ years of Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) experience

International Experience

  • USA, Australia, UK, and UAE

Education and Certifications

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics, Queensland University of Technology

Employment History

  • Vice President of Government and Education Relations at DigiCert (USA)
  • Senior PKI Architect at DigiCert, (USA)
  • Principal Consultant, independent PKI/security consultancy services for clients such as US Department of Health and Human Services, US General Services Administration, US National Institutes of Health, Internet2, Deloitte & Touche and NorthWest Airlines
  • Senior PKI Architect for Dartmouth College (USA)
  • Principal Consultant and PKI Architect for IdenTrust and Digital Signature Trust (USA)
  • Technical Assistance Centre Operations Manager for Cisco Systems (USA)
  • Business Analyst and Team Manager for Treasury Department, Queensland Government (Australia)

Cyber Security - Related Experience

  • Founding member and Chair of The Americas Grid Policy Management Authority (TAGPMA)
  • Previous Chair of the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF)
  • Board Member and Director/Administrator of the Research & Education Bridge Certification Authority (REBCA)
  • Founding Board Member, Policy Committee Member and working groups Chair within (healthcare information security)
  • US Federal PKI Technical Working Group member
  • US Federal Bridge Certificate Authority – Certificate Policy Working Group member
  • Founding Member of the Four Bridges Forum (US-based Bridge PKI Operators)
  • Member of the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator’s Federal Advisory Committee on Health IT Standards
  • Manager of Dartmouth’s Cyber Security Initiative