Secure Communications

Secure Communications

Mobile and converged devices are ubiquitously used to capture, transfer, store, share and manipulate confidential and sensitive data. Business today is almost unimaginable without these devices. However, the BYOD phenomenon, combined with insecure mobile and Wi-Fi networks, compromised mobile apps and other insecure software means these productivity enhancing devices put your information at risk. DarkMatter offers a range of products and solutions to protect your voice and video communication, data, and other information, while providing you with the full flexibility and benefits of mobile and converged devices.

We already have a vetted and approved Secure Communication Suite that protects mobile voice and video communications, chat, email, and file sharing, as well as device management on iOS and Android smartphones, and all types of embedded devices. Our suite of mobile applications runs on hardened operating systems, and is enabled via managed services across our secure cloud infrastructure, or through onsite deployments for clients wishing to manage the infrastructure themselves.

Secure Communication Suite

We already have a vetted and approved Secure Communication Suite that protects voice and video communications, chat, email, and file sharing, as well as management on iOS and Android smartphones, and other types of embedded devices, as well as landline.



We provide services and products targeted at protecting the confidentiality and integrity of voice; video and overall data communication over the mobile network, IP layer. Suite also targeted system level security for mobile devices (iOS; Android smartphones; and others); other types of embedded devices, and landline.

  • Security Testing of Products: Our Mobile Testing & Validation Labs apply best-in-class methodologies, processes and tools to conduct in-depth assessments of mobile devices including white-box, grey-box and black-box testing across hardware, operating systems, application cryptographic components, and infrastructure levels. We also test against common criteria and international standards. By constantly monitoring global and regional mobile security threats, we are always ready to implement remediation plans, and advise on tactics to reduce and eliminate threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Enforce Mobile Secure Practices: Mobile devices can be difficult to protect. Our mobile enterprise suite makes it easier to secure corporate applications. Through technology, policies, and awareness training, we can also educate your staff on security procedures.

  • Secure Connectivity: Communications between mobile devices and corporate systems should be secured through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), layered cryptographic implementations, or a similar technology. We monitor the market for developments; and advise on implementing, monitoring, and managing VPN secure connectivity infrastructure, as well as mobile device security, antimalware, and encryption technologies.

  • Enforce malware protection on mobile devices: Mobile users' devices have become targets for malware and breaches. Therefore it's vital to protect these handsets through policies, protection, and event monitoring and analysis solutions. We will help define the protocols and solutions relating to your device level malware protection.

  • Create secure devices and provide secure applications: Our suite of mobile applications hardens operating systems, and secures in transit and at rest data, voice, and instant messages. These are enabled using our secure cloud infrastructure, and onsite deployments for clients wishing to manage the infrastructure themselves.

Our secure data communication applications cover encrypted voice, instant messaging, email and other in transit data. Our applications run on a hardened operating system and kernel layers, with high security encryption of data at rest, as well as memory and hardware level protection measures. Users can send emails, chat, SMS and use other text based content through simple user interfaces and contact lists. All messages are encrypted end-to-end from sender to receiver.


Own/ Customised hardware to include additional security features. Modified and Android- based Hardened Operating System, with real-time integrity monitoring, memory controls, and inter-applications access control


Landline / PBX System to enable Secure Voice and Video calls. Solution based on Custom Hardware and Software Design


End-to-End secure Mobile Platform/phone that enables Secure Voice Calls. End-to-End Secure communication transmitted over Voice, SMS, Data and Video Network


Secure all messages sent through internal or external networks; Integrates with mobiles and desktop email providers /clients. Policy Based Protection - I.e., admin or user can control who can forward an email, who can print an email, ability to store /retrieve email, time allowed for user to keep an email etc.


Solution that enables users to securely launch emergency /SOS messages and alerts when the need arise through one click. Flashing Audio Visual Notifications


Ability to search for a VIP User by Name, Phone number, Location, etc. Access Right enables within Search Functionality-I.e., not all Users can search all the directory: some can only search part of it .


Secure News solution that enables sharing of highly sensitive news amongst a closed Group of people. Displays news under Different Categories (Security, Finance, Internal Affairs, etc.)


Secure file-sharing solution that enables users to securely share files and collaborate. Multi-tier (multiple layers) Private Cloud Architecture

Advisory and Assessment of Products

We assess security requirements for voice, video and data, both while at rest and in transit. We identify security requirements at the mobile network level, at the IP layer level, and at the overall system level. With this information, we design appropriate end-to-end protocols. We also design and deploy necessary on premise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and/or managed PKI services through our root certification authority. Additionally, we evaluate and implement:

  • Cryptographic algorithms, with primitives tailored to platform need and identified security requirements.

  • Security at different layers of the platform stack, including, but not limited to, OS hardening, disk and data at-rest encryption, hardware-level memory isolation, and processes isolation.

  • Hardened OS of IP Phone with a Trusted Boot sequence with an on-device TPM acting as the Root of Trust.

Managed Services

Our portfolio of secure products can be provided as a managed service, with products hosted, managed and secured within our infrastructure. We also provide on premise deployment of turnkey solutions hosted within the client's infrastructure. Products include secure voice, secure chat, secure email, secure file storage and sharing, secure landline, VPN infrastructure, and mobile threat management and mobile device management solutions.