Research and Development

The unrelenting evolution of cyber attacks means continued research, development and innovation is central to any robust cyber security solution. At DarkMatter, our Research and Development teams ensure all our products and solutions are ready to address threats today and tomorrow.

Through our Test & Validation Labs, which currently are being built out, and our Innovation Centre, DarkMatter is fundamentally structured to be forward looking in our approach to deliver end-to-end communication and broader cyber security products and solutions.

Our Labs are being developed to provide validation and assurance for third-party devices and solutions, while also keeping abreast of the latest developments globally across the broad spheres of cryptography, mobile devices and both software and hardware environments.

At the same time, our Innovation Centre works in collaboration with the Labs to continually raise the bar globally with DarkMatter products and solutions that deliver end-to-end security and assurance to our customers, no matter the nature of the evolving cyber threats.

Test & Validation Labs

The DarkMatter Test & Validation Labs play a crucial role in DarkMatter’s Cyber Security Life Cycle approach. Through our Labs, we provide real world substantiation of cyber network defences and cryptographic implementations, validating both third party and our own products and solutions across all areas of our business, from Cyber Network Defence and Secure Communications to Managed Secure Services, Smart Solutions and Infrastructure and System Integration.

The Labs are being structured with a key focus on continuous monitoring of local, regional and global markets; interpreting the latest reports regarding malware and breaches; and keeping abreast of changes to national and international standards and regulations in the realm of security and information assurance. This is vital to the testing process, since only by having a comprehensive understanding of the latest threats and exploits can our Lab experts confidently validate a product or solution.

As we build out our new lab facilities with the latest specifications, we today provide assurance across four main areas: cryptography; mobile phones and portable devices, as well as their software, and the networks and devices that connect them; hardware, such as computers and telephones; and the full range of software solutions and apps.

With specialised departments focused on these four areas, the Labs are structured to provide both the depth of knowledge achieved by sector specialists, and the collaborative and integrated approach that recognises the integrated and overlapping nature of these systems and today's cyber attacks and exploits.

Software experts dive into the layers of code to validate all types of software, from apps running on a mobile phone, to operating systems running computers to operational software managing large pieces of equipment. Highly trained mathematicians review cryptographic implementations, while engineers and technicians provide physical inspection and study of all types of hardware.

The Labs support the entire DarkMatter Secure Communication Suite, from voice and video communications, to chat, email, data and cloud file sharing, to iOS and Android smartphone operating systems, other types of embedded devices and landlines.

Innovation Centre

Complementing the work of the Testing & Validation Labs, the Innovation Centre ensures DarkMatter and its customers remain at the frontiers of cyber security and cyber attack abatement.

The Centre’s software and hardware engineers and cryptographers bring to their work a sophisticated and comprehensive global perspective on the cyber threat landscape. Then, building on their expertise, they develop two types of proprietary solutions: those that harden third party products and services, and DarkMatter’s own products and solutions designed to address current threats not adequately addressed by the market.

This work includes looking ahead to emerging threats that may be several months or years in the future and building the cryptographic, software and hardware products and services needed to protect against these future attacks.

Because the nature of cyber threats is one of continual evolution, the Innovation Centre represents the most advanced thinking and state of the art approach to tomorrow’s cyber threats. It represents our promise to our customers to provide truly secure end to end communications and the broader information assurance that they require.