DarkMatter creates first globa

DarkMatter creates first global-standard cyber security powerhouse headquartered in the UAE

  • Staffed by an international tier 1 team of subject matter experts
  • DarkMatter is a trusted partner of the UAE government and is looking to leverage its expertise to serve regional and global clients

DarkMatter, a cyber security firm, has launched its end-to-end portfolio geared to providing complete cyber security solutions to the local, regional, and global markets.

Spanning six specialisations that provide a seamless and integrated cyber security offering, DarkMatter has developed an impressive range of solutions in the following areas: Governance, Risk and Compliance; Cyber Network Defence; Managed Security Services; Secure Communications; Infrastructure and System Integration; and Smart Solutions.

Innovation is a key element in DarkMatter's proposition, with the company having established Research & Development facilities in the UAE and North America, focussed on developing technology products and services, as well as intellectual property to protect against tomorrow’s cyber and electronic threats, today.

DarkMatter is staffed by tier 1 international cyber experts who deploy the most innovative technologies, adhering to the company's Cyber Security Life-Cycle, which incorporates a four-stage approach involving planning, detection, protection and recovery, and reinforces its secure business solutions.

Already a strategic partner of the UAE government, DarkMatter is leveraging this experience in the wider market as it looks to serve regional and international clients. The company provides a complete portfolio of cyber security solutions and services to organisations requiring sophisticated security solutions, from governments and infrastructure operators to large corporations.

CEO Faisal Al Bannai remarked: "Our key differentiator at DarkMatter is having global leaders in this field working for us, who can deliver an extensive range of services – providing consulting, product selection and sales, through to complete turnkey implementation and ongoing operational management."

He added: "We also are the only company in the region possessing such a high level of expertise based here – and one of an elite few globally – which has solutions that span the vast spectrum of cyber security."

Given the rise in cyber security attacks in the UAE and around the world, DarkMatter’s offerings have never been more relevant. For example, earlier this year in the UAE several banks were hit by a co-ordinated distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) cyber attack that crippled e-banking operations and websites, and left the institutions fearing further assaults.

This week, DarkMatter is a high profile sponsor of two events in the UAE, namely the Arab Future Cities Summit 2015 in Dubai, and the RSA Conference 2015 in Abu Dhabi, at which its experts are showcasing the company’s deep cyber security knowledge, and partaking in thought-leadership presentations.

DarkMatter brings a unique approach to cyber security that will continue to grow in importance for governments, companies and other organisations that want to stay ahead of the compounding threats in the cyber and electronic universe. With the rise of Smart City developments in the UAE and across other markets, the relevance of DarkMatter’s solutions will increase as it seeks to secure critical infrastructure, networks, and devices from internal and external cyber threats.