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  • Faisal Al Bannai
    Faisal Al Bannai
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DarkMatter

    Faisal Al Bannai is Chief Executive Officer of DarkMatter, where he builds on his prior leader-ship experience in the regional technology startup space, to provide the overall vision, strategy and operational guidance to DarkMatter and to its senior executive team, which is comprised of some of the world’s most accomplished cybersecurity practitioners.

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  • Samer Khalife
    Samer Khalife
    Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President - Business Services

    Samer Khalife is Executive Vice President of Business Services and Chief Finance Officer at DarkMatter. He leads all finance and corporate support functions, including human capital, legal, corporate IT, corporate communications and procurement

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  • Rabih Dabboussi
    Rabih Dabboussi
    Senior Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Business Development

    With over 20 years of industry experience across private and public sectors, Rabih is responsible for driving the company’s expansion strategy forward, as he oversees DarkMatter’s business development, sales, and go-to-market strategy across key industries. 

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  • Harshul Joshi
    Harshul Joshi
    Senior Vice President - Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Harshul Joshi is the Senior Vice President of Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance at DarkMatter. In this role, he is responsible for various cyber risk and regulatory activities in vital industries such as oil and gas, government, defence and finance. He also leads the cybersecurity and regulatory components of Dark Matter's Smart City solutions.

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  • Stephen Brennan
    Stephen Brennan
    Senior Vice President - Cyber Network Defence

    Stephen Brennan is Senior Vice President of Cyber Network Defence at DarkMatter. He leads DarkMatter's elite team of active and defensive cyber experts who work together to blend people, processes and technologies to help government, infrastructure and corporate clients respond to today's most advanced threats across a rapidly evolving landscape.

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  • Eric Eifert
    Eric Eifert
    Senior Vice President - Managed Security Services

    Eric Eifert is the Senior Vice President of Managed Services at DarkMatter. With more than 20 years of military and civilian experience in information technology and cybersecurity, Eric leads the DarkMatter team of security and technology professionals in providing customers onsite and remote security operations..

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  • Michael Pak
    Michael Pak
    Senior Vice President – Secure Communications Engineering

    Michael Pak heads up Secure Communication Engineering at DarkMatter. With 20 years of security product and solution engineering experience spanning PCs, Mobile, and the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) space, Michael joined DarkMatter from Google Nest Labs where he was responsible for IoT Security and Privacy Engineering.

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  • Dr. Robert Statica
    Dr. Robert Statica
    Senior Vice President – Technology and Research

    Robert Statica is Senior Vice President of Special Projects at DarkMatter. In this role, Robert participates in virtually all DarkMatter projects, with an emphasis on secure communications, emergency alert systems, information governance, and inter- and intra-cybersecurity assurance.

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  • Scott Rea
    Scott Rea
    Senior Vice President - Public Key Infrastructure

    Scott arrives at DarkMatter with 20+ years’ experience managing relationships and developing business opportunities with key government and industry clients looking to implement or improve Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) projects.

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  • Dr. Najwa Aaraj
    Dr. Najwa Aaraj
    Senior Vice President - Special Projects

    Dr. Najwa Aaraj, Senior Vice President of Special Projects at DarkMatter, is responsible for evaluating and customising secure product architecture; for evaluating, designing and setting up special projects related to authentication and cryptology systems, and for overseeing the development and operation of DarkMatter's test and validation labs.

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  • Hisham Fadel
    Hisham Fadel
    Senior Vice President - Special Projects

    Hisham is the Senior Vice President of Special Projects at DarkMatter. He possesses over 15 years of experience in systems engineering, procurement and business development activities. 

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  • Paul Lawson
    Paul Lawson
    Vice President – Infrastructure and System Integration

    Paul Lawson is Vice President of Infrastructure and System Integration at DarkMatter, where he oversees the Technical Architecture, Implementation and Project Management teams. These teams design and deploy high-quality, end-to-end technical infrastructure and turnkey technical solutions for clients across a full range of industries.

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  • Suresh Bollapragada
    Suresh Bollapragada
    Vice President - System & Architecture

    Suresh’s experience as a technology leader and expert spans over 20 years in software and system engineering, encompassing security technology and networking. At DarkMatter he is Vice President of System and Architecture, where his extensive experience in system software, networking, ARM and Secure Operations Centre (SOC) architectures, and Engineering-to-Engineering (E2E) products will be invaluable.

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