DarkMatter catering to the gro

DarkMatter catering to the growing cyber security requirements in the Middle East

In order to mitigate mounting cyber security challenges in the Middle East, DarkMatter has partnered in the introduction of an advanced voice and chat application to facilitate a highly secure communications environment for government agencies and commercial entities in the region.

The application delivers secure voice and chat communications utilising iOS and Android operating systems. It offers tap-proof capabilities, protecting the device from third-party attacks and ensuring that no backdoors are present.

While providing end-to-end secure communications, based on the latest advancements in cryptography and network protocols, the voice and chat application also features state-of-the-art back-end infrastructure to allow secure communications. It is currently deployed and has already attracted additional interest from parties in the region.

“The application was implemented in partnership with leading technology providers and highlights DarkMatter’s interest in collaborating with vetted, world-class solution developers to generate value-enhancing propositions,” says Dr. Najwa Aaraj, Vice President of Special Projects at DarkMatter. “This is aside from the proprietary solutions we deliver in our own right.”

DarkMatter is a company that is transforming the cyber security landscape by providing a complete range of state-of-the-art services and solutions to government and commercial clients.

DarkMatter is helping commercial entities to mitigate the complex and fast-paced world of cyber threats and offers the entire spectrum of cyber security solutions, building up a tier-one team of international cyber security experts based in the UAE.

“The fact that a cyber security specialist from the Middle East region partnered with a technology and research firm based in Germany to deliver a security tested and hardened application is unique,” says Dr. Aaraj. “The voice and chat application is set to offer government entities and security-conscious businesses in the region and further afield the ability to deploy and utilise a word-class solution.”

DarkMatter is already a trusted partner to governments and is staffed by leading international cyber experts who develop, manage and deploy the most innovative technologies. These solutions adhere to the company’s Cyber Security Life-Cycle, which incorporates a four-stage approach involving planning, detection, protection and recovery.

“Our products are tailored for government agencies and enterprises that have the highest security requirements,” says Dr. Aaraj. “DarkMatter is targeting enterprises in a number of key industry sectors including financial services, telecom, public sector, and energy given their rigorous requirements for secured communications and network infrastructure.”

DarkMatter believes demand for secure applications including its voice and chat offering will remain high given the growing number and sophistication of cyber security breaches across the Middle East and the rest of the world.