Our industry is one of continuous escalation, as we develop increasingly advanced and powerful defences to keep ahead of the evolving cyber threats looking to damage businesses and governments, or to steal information. We know it takes the best minds and the most incredible talent to remain several step ahead. That's why we're building an elite team, whose members can demonstrate an exceptional set of refined skills and competences.

Only if you have extraordinary experiences and proven accomplishments that put you at the very top of your field should you even consider applying for a position with us. To be clear, only those who can demonstrate a remarkable range of talents need apply to join the DarkMatter team.


We are adventurers. Our people have been far and wide. They have walked through valleys, climbed mountains and come to DarkMatter with an innate understanding of what makes technology tick. It helps that we operate in one of the most exciting industries of our generation and in a geography  that is thirsty for innovation. It also helps that our people are Geniuses that bond together to make room for more success.
We don’t follow a fixed path; instead, we cut fresh trails as we help shape the cyber-security landscape.
Our teams are energised by the fact that they have a hand in building DarkMatter’s culture; that they share and exchange ideas collaboratively; that they build intellectual capital, both in terms of people and the business; and that they are leaving a legacy. DarkMatter is formed by people from 24 nationalities speaking many languages – from ‘Code’ to Croatian. We embody a startup culture where everyone is a hands-on contributor, helping to shape the vision of the firm.
We hire people who have brilliant ideas, great ability and want to serve a cause that is bigger than themselves. DarkMatter’s Geniuses are inspired by the fact that they have the leeway to unravel the vast unknowns of Cyberspace, while being the originators of secure solutions that allow both businesses and economies to rest easy.

what we offer

Working at DarkMatter is like no other cyber security firm on the planet, and that means we offer opportunities you won't find anywhere else. Although we're a startup, we have the credentials of organisations with much longer histories. With a global perspective derived from our multinational staff and our location at a global crossroads, we can challenge the status quo and redefine the best way for organisations to address the full spectrum of cyber risks

Tremendous professional opportunities

At DarkMatter, you have the opportunity to work with some of the most respected and experienced practitioners in the field of cyber security. Colleagues range from PhD graduates from the world's top technology universities to respected experts who got their start as self-described hackers.

You have the opportunity to use the latest cyber security hardware and software, and to interact and gain experience working across most areas of this industry, not only because of the breadth for our services, but because our work culture encourages employees to explore new disciplines and specialisations.

Competitive packages

We provide competitive salaries and benefits that not only include comprehensive healthcare, vision and dental coverage for you and your family (as applicable), but also moving expenses, housing and education allowances (as applicable) and annual home leave tickets for overseas hires.

Continuing education and training

Whether a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, we provide a range of training and professional learning programs to help our employees add to their skills. These programs are core to our offering because we know that unless our employees are continually learning, they are falling behind in this ever evolving industry. We also encourage less formal learning opportunities available through challenging assignments and mentoring by our senior and mid-level staff.



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