Who we are

With head offices in the UAE and serving regional and global customers, DarkMatter is a team of cyber security specialists dedicated to providing secure, trusted and integrated protection services. As a strategic partner to governments and critical entities, we have the proven integrity, intelligence and cyber security capability to safeguard a nation.

Technology has changed the world beyond measure. Digital progress has made lives easier and businesses more efficient. However, with technological progress comes many threats to Government, Enterprise and Individuals. We are transforming the cyber security landscape through a complete range of state of the art services and solutions for government security agencies all the way to businesses and individuals.

What we do

We protect Governments, Enterprise and Individuals from threats through a comprehensive range of protocols, products and services. We provide security consulting and strategy; perform intrusion detection and testing; offer protection, remediation, resolution and product selection and sales; and complete turnkey implementation and ongoing operational management. We'll also help you recover in the event of an attack. DarkMatter is the only company in the region and one of an elite few globally that covers the vast spectrum of cyber security needs.

We can address whatever scope, scale or level of sensitivity our clients require and can do this because of our unmatched, internationally recognised team of leaders with expertise across an extensive range of cyber fields. All our work is underpinned by industry leading intelligence, research and development. We don't just implement; we innovate, creating new security products to combat tomorrow's security threats today, and we do so in a way that ultimately boosts business performance and productivity.

Our commitment

Agile and innovative, DarkMatter takes a comprehensive approach to helping its clients navigate the complex and ever-evolving world of threat and risk mitigation strategies, tools, policies and systems.

It achieves this by uniting the brightest minds with the most innovative technology. We have proven integrity, intelligence, and security capabilities to safeguard nations. Whatever the scope, scale, or sensitivity of your work, we’ll assess the risks you face and deliver an effective solution.

Underpinning all our cyber security capabilities is a commitment to the DarkMatter Cyber Security Life- Cycle; a four-stage approach involving planning, detection, protection and recovery.

At DarkMatter we believe we have numerous differentiators, though there are three main areas of our outlook and operations that clearly set us apart from providers that currently exist in the region today. Our vision is to protect the future by securing its technologies.

First, we have attracted tier-one global talent to work with us here in the UAE, and their track record and previous engagements showcase the extent to which they are amongst the finest subject matter experts in the world. Our leadership team have been drawn from the most successful organisations across the globe, where they have already achieved a proven track record of innovation and success.

Secondly, DarkMatter is the only cyber security company in the region, and one of an elite few globally to offer an end-to-end portfolio of solutions ranging from advisory and infrastructure provision, through to intellectual property and end-user devices.

Our Third key differentiator is that we engage the highest calibre of cyber security experts, who are trusted implicitly having been vetted by governments and large corporations.


Leveraging our experience and research we begin with planning. We assess your current security environment against best practice benchmarks for your organisation, regulatory requirements and success criteria. We then work with you to prioritise your requirements according to your identified business processes in the form of a security strategy and remediation plan.


Once clearly defined, our team begins a process of detecting risks and threats, both known and unknown, in your existing environment using an array of highly specialised people and technology. These assessments confirm the effectiveness of current security controls and identify residual threats and risks not addressed by policy, regulation or technical controls.


Once in a known secure state, the environment enters a state of continuous monitoring, management and reporting. Defending against the 24/7 threat of cyber attack while providing management, metrics and assurance through advanced tools and processes.


We also work with you to consider how you might recover in the event of security incidents – restoring business operations, protecting revenue and securing brand reputation.

Dark Matter Commitments