Advisory Services

Data is the new currency and it’s under attack, creating new operational complexities and risks.

We Help Secure Digital Assets by Linking Risk Management, IT and Cyber Security Strategies to Business Goals.

The cyber security landscape continues to expand. Threats are more prominent and sophisticated. Regulations continue to evolve and multiply. The dynamics of these forces can be overwhelming to any company.

From the CEO and Board to the CISO and CIO, we speak your language. We help governments, enterprises and critical infrastructure operators navigate the intersection of cyber security and business processes. Our 360-view across the cyber security environment means we advise on everything from strategy and planning to compliance, architecture design, procurement and implementation.

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Strategic Advisory

After developing a keen understanding of your business requirements, DarkMatter will assess your risk posture and put in place a mitigation plan that takes you from your current risk state to a mature risk state. DarkMatter performs an initial gap assessment and creates a dashboard that allows you to track progress toward the mature risk state. In addition, We help CISOs educate senior leadership on what’s required, using language that empowers CEOs and Board members to take informed decisions. If you don’t yet have a CISO, we can play that role for you on an interim or ongoing basis.

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Information Assurance

DarkMatter provides world-class expertise that can address all types of information assurance requirements – locally and globally. We are experts in industry-based compliance; our experts have helped develop global standards, and we’re also regional experts on the NESA Information Assurance standards.

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Cyber Resilience

DarkMatter has experience across all aspects of the defence-in-depth spectrum. We perform a cyber security assessment of your strategy and current defence-in-depth implementation and recommend actions to protect your data at every level.

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Business Efficiency

DarkMatter works with you to understand your business needs and bridge the gap between information technology and the business to make you more efficient and secure. After understanding your business, we perform an assessment of your current IT infrastructure and architect your next-generation solution.

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Technology Assessment

DarkMatter has a technology-agnostic view of the market, and a deep understanding of the vendor landscape and vendor capabilities. Through our technology partnerships with some of the world’s most respected technology firms, we help companies find the cyber security and IT solutions that best meets their needs.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We don’t just tick compliance boxes

We turn compliance into a potent risk-mitigation tool

Our GRC consulting services helps you comply and put in places the processes you will need to protect your customers, your markets and your shareholders.

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Our government risk & compliance services

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Risk Assessment

By analysing an organisation’s existing position against leading international standards, we help our customers identify potential risks and bring our comprehensive cyber security knowledge to the task of efficiently and effectively mitigating these risks.

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Today, the internet, data systems, cloud services and other virtual environments are essential to a strong and vibrant economy. Governments, industry regulators and other authorities can support economic growth and encourage investment.

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Compliance is not a check- the- box exercise for us at DarkMatter. We leverage the compliance process as an opportunity to identify an organisation’s cyber –threat weaknesses and implement mitigation strategies that will have a real impact.

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Platform Implementation

To help customers address the increasing complexity of the cyber threat environment, overlaid by varying and evolving national and international standards and regulations, DarkMatter provides an industry leading GRC Platform

Cyber Network Defence

DarkMatter provides full-stack security solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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Our Range of Cyber Network Defence Programs & Services

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Security Assessments

Our Security Assessment teams offer a range of services to help identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities inside your environment. This includes prioritisation and mitigation planning and implementation.

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Cyber Incident Response

Our Cyber Incident Response teams take immediate action in the critical early moments of any breach to identify, triage, mitigate, and resolve cyber incidents that threaten your data assets and ongoing business operations.

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Project Zero

The Project Zero service provides the most robust challenge available to test the strength of an organisation’s end-to-end information security programme. Mimicking the behaviour of malicious actors, our specialised strike teams conduct exercises involving active attack scenarios designed to target all components of an organisation’s security program.

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Compromise Assessment

DarkMatter’s Compromise Assessment service proactively and iteratively searches networks and endpoints to detect and respond to threats that evade traditional rule- or signature-based security solutions.

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Threat Intelligence & Malware Analysis

Drawing on intelligence from local and international Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTS), leading research and academic institutions, Internet Storm Centres, and Incident of Threat notification platforms around the world, we analyse and consolidate emerging trends and developments in cybercrime to help us understand threat vectors, attack scenarios and attack geolocations.

Managed Security Services

Cyber attacks happen anytime

So we’re guarding your networks 24/7

Full 24/7 visibility across your entire network is the goal, but too often resources are constrained and knowledge always needs updating. We augment your teams and resources with custom-designed managed services, staffed by the most skilled security personnel.

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Our Managed Security Services

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Managed Services

Sometimes a remote SOC delivers the mix of cost, resource allocation and protection that an organisation requires. DarkMatter is developing a world-class remote SOC capability that combines fast implementation, exceptional protection and cost effectiveness.

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Security Operations Centre

An on-premise SOC enables a direct view across your network. This ensures the most complete and most immediate access to what’s happening and allows the most rapid coordination.

Secure Communications

There’s no commerce without communication

We provide secure communication without compromise

Pervasive mobility has huge business benefits, but also provides an easy gateway into the most valuable corporate data assets. At DarkMatter we offer a suite of secure communications devices tools to allow help you conduct business on mobile devices with peace of mind.

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Our Secure Communications Services

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DarkMatter’s KATIM secure phone, OS, mobile device management, and productivity apps give senior leaders in government and business a bullet-proof security and privacy solution for all types of mobile communications, including voice, video, chat, email, and news and file sharing.

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Advisory & Assessment of Products

We provide consulting and end-to-end assessment of your communication environment and needs, from network development and procurement, to qualifying and evaluating vendor, to validating hardware and software.

Cyber Architecture and Engineering

Cyber attacks exploit physical infrastructure

We ensure your hardware is hardened against attack

At DarkMatter, we work closely with your teams to design, procure and deploy networks and data systems that empower your business and ensure your cyber security.
Our solutions protect your networks from being compromised, while our professionally designed and implemented systems mean there’s no compromise to workflow or business operations.

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Our secure infrastructure & system integration services

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Technical Architecture

Our technical architects translate business needs into solutions – designing the tools, services, software and hardware to preempt and solve technical challenges.

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During the project lifecycle, our implementation engineers work with client organisations to deploy infrastructural and technical solutions.

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Project Management

Our PMP-certified project managers work with clients to evaluate their needs and identify sophisticated, tailored solutions for their business.

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Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services comprising three elements of protection for both home and businesses: Networking & Wi-Fi, Bug Sweeping, and Secure Procurement.

Public Key Infrastructure


Enabling a Digital Society

Our PKI offerings provide the highest degree of trusted digital certificates both locally and internationally. DarkMatter is the only Certification Authority in the UAE that issues publicly trusted digital certificates in-country.

We operate as a licensed Certification Service Provider in the UAE, which allows us to provide digital certificates and related services for the creation and validation of electronic signatures, and authentication of the corresponding signatories. Our digital certificates protect data and transactions for websites, email, and many other applications to ensure their confidentiality and integrity. .

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National Trust & Interoperability

We advise governments on the establishment of a best-in-class national Public Key Infrastructure and enablement of trust based services. This includes creating national root CAs and sub-CAs for various government and private sector entities and enablement of cross-boundary interoperability for other existing PKIs.

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Certificate Provisioning

We help organizations establish their own Certificate Authorities (CAs) and/or corresponding Registration Authorities (RAs). This includes establishing the operational policies and necessary processes, and setting up the systems needed to manage the lifecycle of certificates.

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Professional Services

We provide a range of PKI-related consulting and advisory services, managed PKI services, Registration Authority support, and app developer consulting related to security and digitisation services.


There are countless ways to compromise technology

Our labs ensure every device, service and system is safe

The DarkMatter Labs strengthen our clients’ defences, shrink the attack surface, and limit system exploits. On behalf of consumers, vendors, and developers, our team uses advanced technologies and human intelligence to build a full understanding and assessment of any product, service or solution that we study.

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Operates four labs: Hardware, Software, Cryptography, and Mobile and Telecommunications -- providing an integrated testing environment that covers the full spectrum of cyber security vulnerabilities.

Big Data & Analytics

Today, valuable data is everywhere

We help you transform big data into a big advantage

With state-of-the-art technologies and deep experience, our Big Data & Analytics team helps clients turn all types of structured and unstructured data into knowledge, insights and operational results.

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Data Ingestion

Many types of data represent value to organisations, so it’s essential that companies are able to access all types of data. DarkMatter data ingestion capabilities cover virtually any data set, from any source, in any format and of any size.

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Data Fusion

The Big Data & Analytics team compiles, manages and fuses any type of data, whether yours, third-party or open source.

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Data Management

Our data solutions are particularly impactful because they disseminate their deep insights, analysis and interpretations to the right people at the right time and at the right place.


Cracking your cryptography exposes your data

We ensure your crypto algorithms are impenetrable

At darkmatter crypto, we give clients complete confidence in the strength of their systems’ cryptography design and implementation, with expertise so qualified, we can even develop custom crypto solutions unique to your organisation.

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Our comprehensive crypto-related services include custom algorithm design, specialised cryptography, integration, and cryptography evaluation services.

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DarkMatter brings its expertise in advanced cryptographic research and development to help governments and large enterprises implement blockchain solutions that incorporate critically important elements such as trust, authentication and confidentiality.